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Power Flushing

Keeping your heating system in good condition saving you money on energy bills.

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The cause of needing is sludge in the central heating system, this is caused by an oxide sludge and calcium build up, which then allows air into the system, causing the corrosion of radiators and heat exchangers.

This will result in rust and debris developing in the bottom of radiators, leading to blocked waterways in the pipe work.

These blockages slow down the flow of heat, causing your radiators to provide less warmth, and overall reducing the effectiveness of your central heating system.

The tell-tale signs that your radiator system needs a clean

  • If the radiators slow to warm up.
  • The top of the radiator is hot, but the bottom of the radiator stays cold.
  • When venting radiators, the water is black in colour.

But fret not, this can be sorted with a simple powerflush of your central heating system

If you’re heating system is not working as it should do, get in contact with us and we can hep diagnose and help sort the problem out.

Get a no obligation quote for a power flush.

We perform a power flush using state of the art equipment and specialised chemicals. For an average heating system with 7 radiators, it should take 3 to 5 hours to complete a power flush.

We use Magna clean to power flush, here are some examples of use performing process.


Magna clean machine Magna clean power flush machine working on heating system


Magna clean Magnet on power flush machine before fitted to heating system

unnamed (5) Magnet on power flush after fitted to machine and flushed two radiators

We offer free, non obligatory quotes and estimates and are CRB checked for your peace of mind.

We offer free, non obligatory quotes and estimates and are CRB checked for your peace of mind.

DJ Jones - gas safe registered

We can undertake all your plumbing and heating work and as we are Gas Safe registered our service provides the safest solutions and the highest quality standard of work. We consider no job as too big or too small for us, and always aim to exceed your expectations. We also install the new nest learning thermostats we can also supply them to our customers .
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"From the initial survey visit, Dave came over as very competent and trustworthy. He gave us excellent advice on how to resolve the numerous issues we had with our heating system and provided a competitive quotation. The work, which included a new boiler, was carried out in one day; both Dave, and his mate John, worked like Trojans and caused little mess or inconvenience. Overall, a pleasure do to business with and we would recommend him to anyone. P.S.Make sure you've got plenty of coffee in!"
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